Top Ten Memories

    Top Ten: Too True Memories

  • 10.

    The opposite of up is down. The opposite of right is left. The opposite of zebra is no zebrah. Duh.
    Avery, Age 4

  • 9.

    Me: "All you're doing is whining right now". Matthew: "You know who's fault that is? My throat's. It only got milk and lemonade today".
    Matthew, Age 5

  • 8.

    I am too full to finish my dinner but I have just a tiny spot open for dessert.
    Natalie , Age 5

  • 7.

    After singing for 2 hours after going to bed I go in the room to tell her to go to bed. She says "Mommy, can I go watch Bubble Guppies?" - I say "NO" - She says "Mommy, can I go play with my toys?" - I say "NO" - She says "Mommy, do you know HOW to say Yes?" - Addison 2 years and 10 months
    Addison, Age 2

  • 6.

    Me: "Did you pee on the floor this morning?" Lyla: "Yes". Me: "Why did you do that?" Lyla: "Because I'm a funny girl"
    Lyla, Age 3

  • 5.

    Sophia once asked me, " Mom, how do babies come out?" I said, "Well, what do you think?" After she thought a moment, she tilted her head and said, "All your bones break and then the baby pops out." I said, "Yep, that's just about it!"
    Sophia, Age 4

  • 4.

    I just gave Amelie a lollipop - She replied "Wow we haven't had one of these in years" - Thus speaks a 5 year old!!
    Amelie, Age 5

  • 3.

    If you feel guilty, usually it's because you're losing your gills
    Matthew, Age 6

  • 2.

    "Mommy is there a toe nail fairy?" huh what do you mean Issy? "Jake's tooth is lose and he gets a dollar from the tooth fairy - I have a lose toe nail."
    Isabella , Age 3

  • 1.

    Patrick says "Mum, why does your bottom wobble when you walk? I said "Because I've had three children Patrick!!!!!!!".
    Patrick, Age 4

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