Top Ten Memories

    Top Ten: Mispronunciations Memories

  • 10.

    Whilst in the park Nell announced "Mummy you have to be very careful with bees, they have a stink"
    Nell, Age 3

  • 9.

    When Jason was 3,we were at a buffet & he said to me "Mommy I want some wild women." He meant Watermelon.
    Jason, Age 9

  • 8.

    Will it be done in a cup of more minutes?
    Regan, Age 3

  • 7.

    What in the elephant is going on here!
    Avery, Age 4

  • 6.

    Regan: dada, I will miss you when you go to work. Chris: I don't have to work, it's Sunday! Regan: what happens on Moon Day?
    Regan, Age 3

  • 5.

    Julian went to his new nephew's Baptism and saw them hold baby Patrick over the fountain of Holly Water. Later that day he told me he was so proud of Patick, he didn't cry or get scared when they poured the water over Patrick's head at his "Bath-A-tism".
    Julian, Age 7

  • 4.

    We are driving home Issy says "Mommy I have to pee" Me: "We are a minute from the house" Issy: "Mommy pull over now I'll just squirt right there" ha ha she meant to say squat!!!
    Isabella , Age 3

  • 3.

    "mummy I have a hitch" "really, what is it?" "I have a hitch here....will you scratch it?"!
    Nell, Age 3

  • 2.

    My oldest dropped the last syllable of every word when she first started talking. Her favorite animal was a horse. She went every where looking for a "ho." It gave the adults hours of entertainment and a few embarrassing moments when she was pointing.
    Fiona, Age 1

  • 1.

    Remember when we went to "Indian-Applesauce" (Indianapolis).
    Miles, Age 5

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