Top Ten Memories

    Top Ten: Huh? Memories

  • 10.

    "Mom I can't find my sunglasses. I only have my eyeballs"
    Lyla, Age 3

  • 9.

    If you feel guilty, usually it's because you're losing your gills
    Matthew, Age 6

  • 8.

    Ben was on the ground building a fort out of pillows. I said "that is a cool fort". He says "its a flort. You know, a floor fort". ???????
    Ben, Age 3

  • 7.

    Mom could you please make my sandwich this morning, I just CAN'T STAND the smell of mayonaise in the morning
    Winston , Age 9

  • 6.

    When I asked my 6 yr old, if he had one wish, what would he wish for....he told me "The Force".
    Julian, Age 7

  • 5.

    Last week... Mom I'm SOOOOO happy we have Michael Jordan King Jr. Day off! Because, he was a man that made good choices.
    Anali, Age 6

  • 4.

    Out of nowhere, my son comes up to me and says: "Mommy, I'm not a toilet... don't flush me!"
    Andrew, Age 3

  • 3.

    Had lovely Valentines Day dinner with Ashton at Eatza Pizza. While he's pouring parmesan cheese on his cheesey bread, he looks up, ingenuous, and asks " Mom, what is the opposite of cheese?" Lol Its been a good day =)
    Ashton, Age 7

  • 2.

    Ava turned to me one day and said "When I'm 21, I'm moving to Texas"
    Ava , Age 5

  • 1.

    Matthew's friend was over at our house eating lunch and saw the picture on the wall of Matthew sitting in front of the Great Pyramid at Giza. The friend asks "where is that, Matthew?" and Matthew nods his head and says "somewhere in Minneapolis..."
    Matthew, Age 4

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