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    Top Ten: Touching Memories Memories

  • 10.

    About a month after our dear Boxer, Charlie passed away of old age, my daughter told me one morning, "Charlie is my pal and I can bring him down from the moon & stars because I have stairs." Tears were brought to my eyes.
    Alyssa , Age 2

  • 9.

    I was having a very frustrating day with the kids. I took a "break" to try to calm down and just asked for a hug from my son. I told him sometimes that's all a person really needed. An hour later when I was fixing dinner, Matthew told me "Mom, remember you can come get a hug or kiss from me whenever you need one." What a sweetheart.
    Matthew, Age 5

  • 8.

    Blowing a kiss to my little angel Hannah every night as I put her to bed from across her bedroom and her little hand appearing from under the covers and saying "got it"! Priceless.
    Hannah, Age 2

  • 7.

    The other day, i gave Landon a BIG, WET kiss and he wipes it off and says "just because i wiped it off doesnt mean its not in my heart!" oh, i just melted!!
    Landon, Age 4

  • 6.

    Sitting on the couch, watching a movie, Andrew pats the spot right next to him, and says in a soft voice: "Mommy, you're too far away. I can't touch you, sit next to me, please!" He has no idea how he touched my heart and made my night with that little sentiment.
    Andrew, Age 3

  • 5.

    "you are a special momma because you make muffins so good"
    Isaac, Age 2

  • 4.

    My son was two when my mother-in-law died and for the longest time he was really upset with me but wouldn't say why then one day he finally said "Mommy you were suppose to take care of grandma" I told him I tried very hard to and he said "yea but now it's snowing outside and you buried her without a blanket and she's gonna get cold!"
    Martin , Age 16

  • 3.

    Mommy, I love you to outer space, is that the fartherst you can go?
    Natalie , Age 5

  • 2.

    I was talking with Matthew about death and he said he hoped we die together. I said that would be nice but that I was probably going to die first. He asked "why?" and I answered that it was because I was older and older people usually died first. Then he looked at me and said "when you die can you leave tracks so that I can find you?"
    Matthew, Age 3

  • 1.

    I don't want to go to bed! I wish we only had daytimes.
    Sam, Age 6

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