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    Top Ten: Potty Humor Memories

  • 10.

    "Hey Mommy, you know what? A butt is a little round circle. For real it is."
    Miles, Age 5

  • 9.

    "Look, Mama, I can make my penis talk!"
    Max, Age 7

  • 8.

    "mommy why does Jakey's peepee hang out and not mine?"
    Jake , Age 5

  • 7.

    After watching fireworks tonight, we came in to bathe and brush teeth for nighttime. While brushing his teeth, Benjamin passed gas. He giggled and said, "Mommy, that was just fireworks!"
    Benjamin, Age 3

  • 6.

    "Mommy, what's that sound...?!" *grins really big* "OH, it's my BUTT!" after which she leaned over as if to fart (which thankfully she doesn't)! The impish look on her face was classic!
    Millie, Age 3

  • 5.

    "mommy my poop smells like rotten eggs!"
    Isabella , Age 2

  • 4.

    When M was under 3, we were driving and had a very near miss with another car. My husband exclaimed, "Holy SH**". I quickly did what I read we were supposed to do and said a bunch of rhyming statements: rolly spit, crowy hit, etc. Madeline quite clearly corrected me to set the record straight -- "No mom, Holy Shit!"
    Madeline, Age 5

  • 3.

    Connor on the toilet, looks behind him and sees the poop coming out in little chunks. He says, "He's coming out! And he's bringing his whole family with him!"
    Connor, Age 7

  • 2.

    My daughter was in her room and was a little too quiet! so i checked up on her and she was walking out of her room with her hands behind her back. i asked her what she was doing and she looked up at me in the most saddest face ever, pulled out her hands..filled with poop and said, "i was trying to hide it mama!"
    yanna, Age 1

  • 1.

    Ben walks in when I am in the bathroom and says, "Mommy, you always have to sit down on the potty. That's cuz you have a china".
    Ben, Age 3

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